Maral Amiree


Maral Amiree is a leading  technology solutions services provider in Kabul Afghanistan. Our dedicated technical professionals offer our clients services in the field of consultancy, software development, software sourcing, solution sourcing,  project-based solutions and IT system maintenance. It is our mission to make the world a little smarter
every day.

Our specialist knowledge in a variety of industries enables us to realize innovative solutions by linking people, technologies and ideas. With professional and dedicated technical specialists in the field, we are capable of building and integrating new and innovative technologies into relevant business solutions for our customers.

With our Smarter Industries solutions we serve the Non-Profit organization, manufacturing, high-tech, food, chemical & pharma, oil & gas and logistics industries.

Our solutions in Smarter Cities are focused public transport and mobility. Within Smarter Healthcare we provide solutions in the domains of medical data exchange, Medical record and complete hospital management system. 

We at Maral understand that in order to compete successfully in this global market, companies and organisations, small and large, need to focus on their core activities whilst making the best use of IT to enhance productivity, improve business efficiency, revolutionise production processes, improve access to markets.


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